Lunch Menu

While some restaurants create a new dish for which they become renowned, the chefs at Ochre Restaurant have created a whole new cuisine, unique in its use of Australian native foods and knowledge, that is a legendary dining experience.

Our Chefs constantly strive to develop new and exciting dishes that maximise the flavour possibilities of our amazing range of native produce, and the seasonal nature of many of our ingredients, are reflected in the regular changes that our menus undergo.

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Lunch Menu 46

The Ochre Daily Lunch Platter $29.50pp – 2 or more people
Choose 3 quality dishes + our famous spiced fries + a glass of wine or beer

Light lunch and starters

Wattle seed damper loaf – macadamia oil and native dukka   7
Grilled focaccia with rocket macadamia pesto, sundried tomato tapenade, balsamic and olive oil   11
Ochre house salad – mixed salad leaves, roast Roma tomato, bacon, olives,
Mungalli feta cheese, spiced macadamia nuts – garlic mayonnaise  16
– add crispy chicken or smoked salmon for $8.00
Smoked salmon, crème fraiche and baby capers on grilled focaccia – served with garden salad   16
Red Ochre BLT – with bush tomato mayonnaise, salad and fries   15
Premium fillet steak sandwich – onion jam, grain mustard, cheddar, salad and fries   18
Croc burger – crocodile and chicken mince pattie – avocado, brie and sweet chilli sauce, salad and fries   18
Barramundi or Chicken san choy bow spring rolls – wild lime dipping sauce – pickled vegetables and salad   17
Spiced calamari skewers – green vegetable salad, cassava chips and sweet chilli lemon myrtle dipping sauce   18
Rocket Gnocchi – pepperlead cream sauce, lemon aspen salsa verde – Parmesan wafer 19
Twice cooked pork belly, seared Queensland scallops – Davidson plum jam and cauliflower puree   22
Tempura Gulf Bugs on lemongrass – palm heart and mango salad – sweet lemon myrtle chilli sauce   24
Salt and Pepper Quail – watermelon rind and dessert lime salsa 20

Tasting plates

Australian Antipasto 36
Kangaroo terrine – Kakadu plum, crocodile wonton – red pepper jam,
Lemon aspen salmon gravlax, emu carpaccio, rocket and roast capsicum omelette

Seafood Compilation 38
Sand crab and avocado tian – taro chip, pippi’s in coconut tom yum, fresh oysters – finger lime
Prawns in lemon myrtle tomato chilli sauce

Game Platter 34
Salt and pepper leaf crocodile, grilled kangaroo, wallaby topside – egg noodle cake and dipping sauces

Vegetarian Platter – see daily specials 29

Main courses

Salt and native pepper crocodile and prawns – Vietnamese pickles – lemon aspen sambal   34
Char grilled kangaroo sirloin – quandong chilli glaze – egg noodle cake, pak choi in hoi sin   36
Wild Barramundi, crab omelette – steamed in banana leaf – lemon grass beurre blanc – broccolini  35
Morganbury pork fillet, macadamia crumbed – poached pear, rocket and fennel salad – riberry mayo 34
Chicken breast – herb and bocconcini pocket, prosciutto wrapped – honey pumpkin puree, tomato jelly  34
Lamb filets – marinated and grilled – panzanella salad – bush tomato aioli  34
Roast duck breast – tempura sushi, shitaki, water chestnut, mandarin – Davidson plum and ginger glaze  35
Wallaby topside – slow roasted – smashed kipflers – 3 mushroom sauce and pea puree  38
Morganbury beef tenderloin – parsnip croquette, caramelized red onion, kale – red wine and bush tomato jus   38

Side Orders

Green vegetables – soya, mirin and sesame   11
Roast Kipflers with duck fat, rosemary and Murray river salt flakes   10
Rocket and Parmesan salad – balsamic and Queensland olive oil   9
Jasmine rice, lemon myrtle and fried onion   5
Spiced fries   8
Tossed salad with lemon aspen macadamia dressing   9


Wattle seed Pavlova – Blood orange sorbet – macadamia biscotti   16
The chocolate slut – bitter chocolate tart, jaffa icecream, lime, and milk chocolate macaroon
– double cream and raspberry and river mint coulis  18
Turkish doughnuts – lemon myrtle and coconut ice cream – strawberry salad  17
Lemon myrtle panna cotta – rosella flower jelly  16
Quandong crème brulee – hazelnut tuille   16
Sunrise lime tart – basil icecream 16
Affogato – vanilla bean ice cream, coffee shot and liqueur of your choice   15
Selected Gallo cheese, pepper leaf lavosh – fig chutney   17
Ochre dessert platter – Go Wild! – 5 desserts – minimum four people   15 pp

Coffee & Teas – served with sweet treats

Cappuccino, Long Black, Latte, Flat White     4
Short black, espresso, macchiato     3.5
Pot of Tea     3.5
Lemon Myrtle, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Daintree Tea Leaf, Forest Berry,
Chamomile, Peppermint, Green Tea and Jasmine, Aniseed Myrtle,Wild Hibiscus,
Wattleseed Barley & Cinnamon, Australis Peppermint, Green Tea & Lemon Myrtle

Liqueur Coffee Bailey’s, Kahlua, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, Jameson’s…     9.5
Dessert Wine (half bottle / glass – 100ml) gl/bt
2005 Noble One Botrytis Semillon NSW     14/45

Fortified Wines

Grant Burge Aged Tawny Port Barossa Valley    6.5
Morris Rutherglen Tokay & Muscat Central Victoria    8
Mr Pickwick’s Particular Port Angaston SA    10
Grandfather Port Barossa Valley    14