Gourmet Platters

Ochre Catering has an extensive range of gourmet platters that can be picked up or delivered (POA)

Selected below are some of the most requested menus and packages. If you would like further options we are flexible with our menus to suit your taste or budget.

Focaccia and Turkish bread sandwiches with a variety of fillings – Morning and afternoon teas, coffee stations with staff to set up and clean up are available.

Prices subject to change.

Self-catered or staff available @ $35.00 ph Bookings required.

 Menu 1 - $55 per head

Antipasto Platter from $150

Selection of fresh breads

Macadamia pesto & native dukka

Red Ochre pate with tomato salsa

Ham off the bone, salami, Smoked Tasmanian salmon, Gallo cheese, Spiced macadamia nuts, olives & marinated vegetables

Seafood Platter from $30 pp

Minimum 10 pax

Endeavour prawns

Freshly shucked Tasmanian oysters

Eucalyptus Smoked salmon

Tuna sushi roll

Marinated Calamari

Served with a selection of dipping sauces

And fresh crusty breads

Dips and Breads Platter
from $65

Suits 10-20 people or pre function snack

Generous Variety Including Wattle seed Damper, Focaccia and crusty loaves with crudities, Pesto, Dukka, Sweet potato Dip, Babaganoush, Guacamole (or similar)

 Menu 2 - $58 per head

Whole Baked Fish
$160.00 per 4kg

Suits 10 to 20 people

Fresh whole fish eg. Barramundi, baked in paperbark with lemon myrtle leaves served with wild lime hollandaise

Prawn, Oyster & Salmon Stack Platter $110

Suits 6-10 people

Freshly opened oysters, local prawns and

Eucalyptus smoked salmon

served with dipping sauces

Premium Cheese & Fruit
Platter from $120

Served on timber wine ‘barrel ends’

Tropical and seasonal fruit, selected Premium Gallo Cheese, lavoche, crackers & nuts



Super sandwich stand up buffet $16.00

Select 3 sandwich options

Roast chicken, mayo and salad on focaccia

Cream cheese, sundried tomato, pesto and rocket bagel

Smoked salmon and brie baguette

Salami, gruyere and pickles on rye

Ham, cheese and tomato relish focaccia

Avocado, carrot, bean shoot, mango chutney wrap

Chicken Caesar wrap

With 2 salad options $22

Greek salad

Rocket and Parmesan

Green vegetable with sesame

Tomato and boconccini

Potato with Dijon mayo

Sweet potato and almond

 Dips and Breads Platter - $55

Picnic Box Menu’s

Ploughman’s lunch – from $18.00 pp

Can be served in picnic boxes or platters to share

Crusty French stick- butter

Leg ham, Peppered pastrami

Roast chicken, Cheddar cheese, smoked salmon

tomato relish, Potato salad

Lettuce with tomato, cucumber, onion

Chocolate cake, or Danish pastry

Fresh tropical fruit

Gourmet Lunch from $24 pp

Tuna Sushi roll, Roast seeded mustard chicken, Rare roast beef and Asparagus, smoked salmon, Brie, Green been salad, marinated vine leaf and risotto rolls, Crusty breads, butter, Mediterranean vegetables, Macadamia baklava and berries.

Fresh Tropical Fruit